3 Tips for Storing Books in Your Self-Storage Unit

Books are precious, and here at the RV Storage Depot, we know that. Keeping these novelties (pun intended) safe — as well as other items — is our job. In order to make sure that your book storage is top of the line, we offer climate-controlled self-storage units to preserve texts and documents of every kind. If you can’t fit all of your books in your home due to space constraints, use book storage bins and bring them down to our facility! Here are 3 tips on keeping your novels safe in storage. 


1. Book Storage Bins

Keep similar content together in small bins to make lifting easier and not as much of a hassle to move. Maintaining an organized storage unit is key to finding the right items when you need them. Book storage bins make it easy to label the contents of them so you can easily find your material. Pack books horizontally so that the spine is not damaged over time.


2. Climate Control Matters

Cool, dry places are where books are best preserved. Any place that is humid or even damp will absolutely ruin your books. Direct sunlight, pests, and dust are all detrimental when storing books. Also, the way in which the books are wrapped can greatly affect the condition of the book. Newspaper ink will damage your books, as will foil and plastic. Wrap your texts in paper towels or archival paper for optimal storage use. All of us at RV Storage Depot is proud to offer clean, climate-controlled storage units at most of our facilities, so you know your books are in the right environment. 


3. Shelving, Shelving, Shelving

This is not only an organizational tactic: it’s a preventative measure. Should a storage unit ever flood, the first things to go are electronics and books. Adding shelves to units will help organize book storage bins and make sure they are off of the floor, safe and sound. 

Keeping your books safe is important. Make sure they’re well taken care of with preventative measures, such as wrapping them in the right material, placing them on shelves, packing them horizontally — and, of course — keeping them in one of our temperature-controlled self-storage units.