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Top 5 Neighborhoods in Norwalk, CA

Jon Fesmire | April 6, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Norwalk is a suburban city in Los Angeles County with a population of 106,000 with urban and suburban neighborhoods There aren’t a lot of attractions in Norwalk, but its centralized location and access to metro routes mean it’s easy to get to attractions in Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange Counties. The Metrolink train connects Norwalk to all these places. The Los Angeles Metro bus and rail services transport residents around town, to Downtown Los Angeles, and even to Disneyland in Anaheim.

Each of these neighborhoods is within 10 minutes of downtown Norwalk, so you’re always close to shopping, restaurants, and local entertainment.

There are several lovely and affordable neighborhoods in Norwalk to make your home, and we’ve picked out favorites.



Carmenita is an urban neighborhood full of homes built between 1940 and 1969. Because of this, it has a true Americana feel of that classic time when the country birthed the Baby Boomer generation and the first of the Gen-Xers.

The median household income is $60,000. Naturally, homes range in price depending on their size, but the average price of a house is $513,000.

The entire area is student-friendly, so it’s a good place for those attending Cerritos College to live in shared apartments or with their families. If you’re looking for a comfortable place to study, there are lots of cafes nearby, including Starbucks, Cleo Coffee, and Fantastic Cafe.


Civic Center

Alternately referred to as Civic Center or City Center, this is the neighborhood near Downtown Norwalk. The median household income here is $52,982, and rent is relatively affordable, especially for Los Angeles County, averaging $1,800. The average cost of a home is $530,000

Since this is right by downtown, this is an urban neighborhood with much of the population working in professional and executive occupations, and many working in service industry jobs.

There’s plenty of shopping and things to do in the area. In addition, Civic Center is close to the social security office, Norwalk Library, and several schools, including Southeast Academy High School, Thomas B. Moffitt Elementary School, and Corvallis Middle School. It’s just blocks away from Norwalk Community Hospital.


Fulton Wells

Fulton Wells is a bit more upscale neighborhood with a median household income of $70,464, and an average monthly rent of $2,000. The average home price is $610,000.

This is a good neighborhood for families, as there are several schools nearby, including Lakeview Elementary School, Lake Center Middle School, and Santa Fe High School. If you enjoy the outdoors and sports you’ll want to visit Paradise Memorial Park, which is right next to Lake Center Athletic Park. Between them, you’ll find three baseball diamonds and two large paths for walking or running. Of course, you’ll also be close to plenty of shopping.


Norwalk South of Alondra

The Norwalk South of Alondra Neighborhood is a good place to live for families, as it’s near quite a few schools and parks. For example, Hermosillo Park has a playground, basketball court, lots of greenery, and is a beautiful place to have a picnic. Schools include Arturo A. Sanchez Elementary School, Tracy High School, John H. Niemes Elementary School, and Los Alisos Middle School. Cerritos College is just minutes away.

There’s plenty of shopping here, and if you like Mexican food, you’ll be happy to know the neighborhood has several Mexican markets.

The median household income in Norwalk South of Alondra is $70,923, while the median home price is $575,000.



Studebaker is another upscale neighborhood, where the median household income is $74,000 and the average home price is $625,000. You’ll find a lot of beautiful homes, many two-story, with nice lawns, on streets lined with palms and other trees.

This is another nice family neighborhood with quite a few nearby schools, including Studebaker Elementary School, Trinity Christian School, Southeast Academy High School, Cresson Elementary School, and Los Alisos Middle School. There are some nice parks in the area, too. 

Lakeside Park has two baseball fields and a playground, while Orr Park Community Center includes nice green areas where you can walk, picnic, and play basketball on two courts.

Studebaker is near Highway 5, so it’s easy to drive to Orange County or elsewhere in the Los Angeles area.

In fact, if you love traveling and you have an RV, Norwalk is a great place to launch your trips from. Visit the RV Storage Depot in Norwalk online or in person for great deals on indoor and outdoor spots. We’ll keep your RV safe in between your adventures.

Jon Fesmire
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