Top 5 neighborhoods in Santa Ana, CA

Harrison Yates | October 14, 2020 @ 12:00 AM


Santa Ana is, in many ways, the heart of Orange County, California. It’s central to the northern part of the county and its population is 333,000, second only to Anaheim, with its 352,000 population, in the county. Santa Ana covers 27 sq miles, and while it’s densely populated, it’s mostly clean and attractive.


This city provides residents with lots to do. You’ll find shopping and movie theaters aplenty. Plus, there’s the Santa Ana Zoo, the Lyon Air Museum, and the Discovery Cube. Plus, Santa Ana is just a few exits from Anaheim and Disneyland. 


Here are five of the best neighborhoods you might want to move to in Santa Ana, California.


Metro Classic


This growing neighborhood has a population of 1,650 people.


The median home value in Metro Classic is $525,500, and the median income is excellent, at $97,800. Most of the residents here own their homes, but it’s not just a dense, suburban neighborhood. Residents here skew young and liberal, and the public schools are well-regarded.


This neighborhood is right across W. Segerstrom Avenue from Carl Thornton Park which has a playground, sports fields, and a lake.


Morning Sunwood


Just northwest of Metro Classic is another pleasant neighborhood, Morning Sunwood. This area has a population of 2,640. The median income is also high, at about $102,000, and the median home value is $510,000.


Most Morning Sunwood residents own their homes, which are big enough for medium-sized families. The feeling here is comfortable suburban.


Within three blocks you’ll find Adams Park and the aforementioned Carl Thornton Park. This area is less than a mile from shopping, cafes, and restaurants as well.


Sunwood Central


Sunwood Central is a densely populated suburban neighborhood, but it’s clean, tree-lined, and feels spacious. The population here is 6,300, the median home value is $459,633, and the median income is $61,889.


All around the neighborhood you’ll find shopping, parks, and cafes.  Memorial Park to the north has a swimming pool, sports facilities, and a large baseball field. Lillie King Park has trees, lots of open space, and a playground. You can be sure there’s always something to do.




If you’re looking for a great income-to-cost ratio, you have to consider Bristol-Warner. Here, the median home value is $365,000, while the median income is $92,000.


The Bristol-Warner Marketplace is in the southeast corner of this neighborhood and has plenty to offer the 2,900 residents, including a Food 4 Less for grocery shopping and several restaurants,  like Panda Express and Culichi Town Santa Ana. Of course, within a few blocks, there are many other restaurants and places to shop. Bristol Warner is close to some of those parks we mentioned, including Memorial Park and Carl Thornton Park. You’ll find lots of families living here.


Floral Park


Looking for a nice neighborhood that’s close just across the I-5 Freeway from the Main Place Mall, Barnes & Noble, and the Discovery Cube Museum?  Then have a look at Floral Park. 


This area feels spacious, with plenty of trees, wider-than-normal streets, and large lawns. The population of Floral Park is about 1,800, the median home value is $521,500, and the median income is $72,000.


As with some of these other neighborhoods, many of the residents here own their homes. The population is made up primarily of families and young professionals.


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