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Road Trips and Self Storage

Harrison Yates | July 14, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

When you’re about to go on a road trip, you probably think about what you need to bring with you. Obviously, that’s important. You want to make sure you have essentials and things you can enjoy. These days, you’ll want to bring more than clothes and snacks. You’ll need your smartphone, a laptop, and perhaps other electronics.

What you may not think about is which of your belongings you should put in storage. You may even wonder why you would need to put anything in storage when it can just stay at home. Depending on your living situation, there may be some good reasons.


Protection from Burglary

It would be nice if we could all go on long trips and not have to worry about home security at all. However, if you go on a road trip and no one is going to be at home, your place could be targeted by burglars. You can always get an alarm system, but these don’t offer complete protection and may be out of your price range.

You should definitely have renters or homeowners insurance, but beyond that, what can you do? You can put your most valuable items in storage. This includes televisions and entertainment systems, computers, and expensive jewelry. A 5’x5’ unit should be plenty for most people.


Keeping Things Private

Maybe you’re going on a trip but you have a roommate. Let’s say you completely trust them, which is great. However, maybe you don’t know their friends so well. Maybe your roommate likes to throw a party on occasion. If you’re a young adult living at home with your parents, you may have private items you don’t want your parents or your siblings to discover.

Perhaps you’re going to have a house sitter while you’re gone. That’s a great idea. A younger friend who doesn’t have their own place may really like having some privacy staying at your place. However, you won’t want them running across anything private, even on accident.

To make sure your privacy is protected, place things like your computer, your diary or journal, personal photographs, and the like in storage.


Things to Store

We mentioned a few things to store, but let’s gather them all together here.

When you go on a trip, you’ll want to store your most valuable and private items. These include jewelry, antiques and heirlooms, large-screen televisions and entertainment centers, plus computers and electronics you won’t be bringing with you. Irreplaceable items like photo albums and such can go in storage, too.

If it’s valuable to you, it’s worth keeping safe. That’s what this really comes down to. If you know that your things will be safe at home while you’re on the road then, by all means, keep them there. But if you have any doubts, renting a self storage unit is a great way to keep your things somewhere secure and private.

One more thing: we strongly suggest you get a unit with climate control. Standard units are susceptible to temperature and humidity. In a climate-controlled unit, your belongings will be protected from hot weather, cold weather, high humidity, and dryness.


Now, keep your belongings safe, and have a great trip!

Harrison Yates
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