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Essential RV Maintenance Checklist for Before and After Storage

Admin | March 20, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

Prepping Your RV, for Storage; A Must Do Checklist

Taking care of your RV before and after storing it is essential to keep it running smoothly for longer. This guide offers a checklist to ensure your RV stays in shape while in storage and is all set for your next adventure. Whether you're looking for storage options in Norwalk or nearby such as climate controlled facilities following these steps will help maintain your RVs value and performance.

Pre-Storage Maintenance

Clean the Exterior: ; Get rid of dirt, grime and debris to avoid paint damage and corrosion.

Check Seals and Roof: Check windows, doors and roof vents for any cracks or damage, in the seals. Fix any issues to prevent leaks

Drain Water Systems: out water tanks, water heater and plumbing lines to prevent freezing during storage.

Empty Holding Tanks: Ensure holding tanks are thoroughly flushed and sanitized to prevent odours and bacterial growth.

Protect Interior: Give the inside a clean by vacuuming. Remove perishables and valuables to prevent any damage or pest infestations.

Address Pest Control: To keep pests at bay make sure to seal any openings and use pest repellents, inside your RV.

Storing Your RV:

Choose the Right Storage Unit: Opt for a climate controlled storage unit in Norwalk or a nearby area to shield it from the elements and potential theft.

Stabilize Tires: Properly inflate the tires. Use blocks underneath to prevent spots.

Cover the RV: Shield your RV with a cover to safeguard it from dust UV rays and moisture build up.

Disconnect Batteries: Disconnect the battery and store it separately while ensuring it remains charged during storage.

Post-Storage Maintenance:

Inspect Exterior: Remove the cover. Inspect the exterior for damage or signs of pests. Clean as necessary.

Check Seals and Roof: Check the seals and roof for any wear or tear. Repair or replace if needed.

Reconnect Utilities: Reconnect the battery. Test all systems like electrical, plumbing and propane, for operation.

Test Drive: Take a short test drive to ensure brakes, lights and suspension are functioning well.


Clean and Restock: Thoroughly clean the restock essentials before embarking on your adventure. In wrapping up;


Make sure you follow this checklist to maintain your RV before and after storing it ensuring that your vehicle remains in condition and ready, for your adventures. Whether you're searching for storage options in Norwalk or nearby areas, with climate control features prioritize the maintenance of your RV to enjoy years of travel joyfully.

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