Choosing the Best RV Storage for You

Harrison Yates | June 23, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Choosing the Best RV Storage for You

There’s a reason RV travel is a way of life for many. It’s fun, lets you see the rest of the country, and feels like freedom. Of course, most people don’t live their entire lives in their RVs but take long vacations once or twice a year. Parking your RV, or boat, at home can be difficult. Most neighborhoods don’t allow large vehicles to be parked on the street, and you may worry about its safety, even if you have it in your driveway.

At RV Storage Depot, we specialize in boat and RV storage, so you can keep your vehicle safe with us and pick it up when you’re ready for vacation. We have indoor, covered, and outdoor boat and RV storage, depending on the facility. Most spots include valet parking, so our expert employees will park your car for you, making the experience less stressful.


Indoor Storage

This gives you a large indoor parking space for your boat or RV, which will protect it from the elements. The sun, rain, wind, and snow can’t hit your vehicle in indoor storage. This type of storage is more expensive than the other two types because of the protection it offers. If you can afford it, this is your best option.


Covered Storage

This type of storage still provides your vehicle with good protection but costs less per month than fully indoor storage. We’re all familiar with the car bays in apartment complexes. This is the same thing, but for your boat or RV. Each covered storage space has a roof but no door.

If you rent one of these, we encourage you to wax your vehicle. Parts of the boat or RV will likely get hit by the sun for part of the day, though your vehicle will mostly be in the shade. Waxing will protect the parts of your vehicle that the sun hits from sun damage. Your vehicle will also be partially exposed to rain, snow, and hail, and exposed to wind, but the roof will go a long way toward protecting it. These spaces rent for less than an indoor storage space.


Outdoor Parking

Our outdoor, uncovered parking spaces are our most affordable option. These are large spaces in a secure parking lot.

Since they have no covered protection, your vehicle will be exposed to the elements, just like your car parked on the street or in your driveway. Of course, vehicles parked outdoors tend to be fine, and damage from weather conditions is rare. We encourage you to wax your boat or RV before parking it in one of these spaces to keep it in the best shape possible.

If you’re wondering about the types of storage available at each of our locations, you can check their individual pages here on our site. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.