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5 Best Neighborhoods in Altamonte Springs, FL

Jon Fesmire | March 17, 2022 @ 12:00 AM

If you’re looking for a beautiful place to live in Florida, somewhere with shady trees and lovely homes, it’s hard to beat Altamonte Springs, a medium city of 44,000 people. On top of that it’s an educated city with 39% of adults having a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Oh yes, and it’s a college and military town, with many local university students and military members. Local colleges include City College of Altamonte Springs, Seminole State College, Rollins College, and Rasmussen University, among others. With so many military stations in nearby Orlando, it’s no wonder about 2% of the population here are active duty members.

Altamonte Springs is divided into 13 neighborhoods, and we’ve selected five for our list.


Altamonte Springs South

This suburban neighborhood is characterized by well-maintained lawns, big shady trees, narrow roads, and wide homes that are a respectful distance apart. Most of the real estate here was built between 1940 to 2000, giving them a slightly retro feel. You’ll find some apartment complexes, and the homes typically have three to five bedrooms. Most of the area is owner-occupied.

Many upper-middle class, wealthy, and well-educated people live in Altamonte Springs South. The median real estate price is $440,000 while the average rent is $2,350 in this suburban neighborhood.

The local vacancy rate hovers around 7%, which is average for the U.S. With the expense of living here, it’s no surprise that 68% of the locals work in executive and professional positions.

Local K-12 schools include Altamonte Elementary, Milwee Middle School, and Lyman High.


Bella Vista

With narrow roads, enormous trees, and a range of architecture and sizes, Bella Vista charms with its character. In this suburban neighborhood, the median real estate price is $269,500 and the average rental price is $1,875. You’ll find accommodations ranging from studio apartments to four-bedroom single-family homes, most of which were built from the 1970s to the present.

This is one of the more college- and military-friendly neighborhoods where both students and active military members live, and while it’s a lower-middle income area, it’s still a lovely place.

The vacancy rate here is 14%, meaning it should be easy to find a home here, but also that you can expect a fair number of empty homes around you.

Nearby schools include Forest City Elementary, Teague Middle School, and Lake Brantley High.


Altamonte Springs West

Altamonte Springs West is comparable to Bella Vista with a median home price of $287,500 and an average rent of $2,300. You’ll find a variety of trees along the roads, which are wider than in previous neighborhoods. The homes and lawns are well-maintained and the buildings are a little closer together. The apartment complexes are also attractive and well-kept.

The houses here have three to five bedrooms that are mostly owner-occupied, and the majority of them were built between 1970 and 2000. A fair number of military members and college students live here, too, and the vacancy rate hovers around 4%. That simply means it may be a little more difficult to find a home in this area, but it’s worth a look.

This is a middle-income neighborhood where 37% of the population works in professional and executive jobs, and the next most in sales and service.

Nearby K-12 schools include Spring Lake Elementary, Lockhart Middle School, Wekiva High School.


Spring Valley

Now, let’s check out the most expensive place to live in Altamonte Springs, the Spring Valley neighborhood. Here, the median home price is $554,000 and the average rent is $2,000. This is a suburban neighborhood with apartment complexes and spacious three- to five-bedroom homes. Most of the houses are occupied by their owners, and most of the residences were built between 1970 and 2000.

Driving around this area you’ll find wide, classy homes, lots of trees, and a range of front yard sizes. Some homes are set back a good hundred feet from the road.

This is a wealthy to upper-middle income area where half the population works in management and executive positions, followed by sales and service jobs. The vacancy rate is 12.1%, so if you can afford this area, it shouldn’t take long to find a home here.

Local schools include Forest City Elementary, Rock Lake Middle School, and Lake Brantley High School.


Country Creek

County Creek is a charming area in the middle of which is Lake Lotus Park, a wooded area with walkways, wetlands, a boardwalk, playgrounds, and a pavilion. That’s just part of why this area is so lovely, though. Along the residential streets are lots of broad, shady trees and colorful homes. There are many apartments and single-family homes with two to four bedrooms. Here, you’re living in the middle of a forest.

The median real estate price is $278,050 while the average rent is $1,950. The vacancy rate is about average for the United States at 9% in this middle-income area. Most of the homes date back to 1970 to 2000, though there is also some new construction, and about 43% of the population works in executive and management positions.

Nearby schools include Spring Lake Elementary, Teague Middle School, and Lake Brantley High. If you live in the area and need a place to store your boat or RV, visit RV Storage Depot. We have plenty of spaces, both indoor and outdoor, at our Altamonte Springs facility to fit your budget.

Jon Fesmire
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